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WISE-5231 - An Intelligent Multifunction IoT Controller

The WISE-5231 (Web Inside, Smart Engine) is an Intelligent Multifunction IoT Controller which provides easy connection to the I/O modules and sensors by means conventional field protocols and interfaces and also supports a variety of IoT protocols for flexible integration with SCADA and other IT systems.

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  • 1x10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 and 4xCOM ports
  • IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules execution ability
  • Support Modbus TCP/RTU protocol for SCADA software integration
  • SNMP, SNMP Trap, MQTT and DDNS function supported
  • Data logger. Timer and Schedule functions supported

WISE-5231 for field connections

The WISE-5231 has a compact enclosure (91x132x52mm) for DIN-Rail installation with -25 to 70C operating temperature range. The input power is 12-48VDC with power consumption just 4.8W.

The WISE-5231 includes 32-bit ARM CPU module, microSD extension with 4GB card (support up to 32 GB microSDHC card) and built-in WISE firmware. With the microSD card, WISE provides Data Logger function for real-time record the I/O channel data of the controller and sends the data files automatically by means FTP to the control center for further administration management or data analysis. Additionally, there is a 1xVGA port for external monitor connection.

On the bottom of the device there is a terminal block for 2xRS-232 (COM1-2), 1xRS-485 non-isolated (COM3) and 1xRS-485 (COM4) 2500VDC isolated connections. All COM-ports support maximum speed 115200 bps. There is also 1x10/100/1000 Base-T LAN port with auto-negotiating and MDI/MDI-X functions. 16 DCON or Modbus RTU slave modules can be connected to COM 3-4, whereas LAN interface supports maximum 16 Modbus TCP Slave modules.

IF-THEN-ELSE Logic and MQTT protocol

One of the WISE-5231 features is supporting IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule engine. It allows users to set up customized logic rules inside device engine, thus later WISE-5231 executes this configuration in accordance with these pre-defined conditions.

WISE-5331 allows implementation of the logic just by a few clicks on the mouse with help of browser and Web UI without writing a code.

The WISE-5331 can provide SSL Email sending function for real-time message notification operation when an event occurs and also supports CGI Command sending and receiving (for the devices such as IP cameras). This device also supports the MQTT protocol to connect with the MQTT broker for the message publishing and subscribing.

The WISE-5231 has a compact enclosure (91x132x52mm) for DIN-Rail installation with -25 to 70C operating temperature range. The input power is 12-48VDC with power consumption just 4.8W.

Instead of MQTT protocol, the WISE-5331 supports a variety of conventional communication protocols such as Modbus TCP/RTU, SNMP, DCON, FTP to perform real-time monitoring and control of the devices. It allows to integrate the WISE-5331 with SCADA and IoT to build simple, reliable and up-to-date application in accordance with Industry 4.0 concept.


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09:06 06.05.2021