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IPC2U is on the Embedded World 2015 again!

Embedded world Exhibition & Conference is the international get-together for the embedded industry. Embedded trends are of special interest for process control and visualization as well as automation. Wherever in automobile, data technique and telecommunication, industry and consumer electronic, military and aerospace equipment – everywhere the embedded technologies are deployed. Its visitors have a rare opportunity to experience the latest developments, to discuss current  products, whether hardware, software, tools or services.

IPC2U GmbH is one of the oldest participants of the Exhibition, presenting  the last trends in the embedded market. Wherever in automobile, data technique telecommunication, industry and consumer electronic, military and aerospace equipment – IPC2U offers different solutions for any demands.

Last year  almost 23,000 visitors of the Embedded World took high interest on our booth and 96% of all professional visitors said that the fair would offer excellent information opportunities and inspiration. The upcoming Embedded World 2015 is to be even more attractive and useful for all participants. We’ll present the most current devices and solutions from embedded systems, Industrial Servers, Rugged Panel PCs, Digital Signage, Network Security Applications areas and much more.

We would like to introduce the versatility of IPC2U product range to our customers, partners and distributors at this fair. We offer innovative devices and solutions from embedded systems, panel PCs, industrial communications, network security applications etc. for as well the announced new Industry 4.0 aera as data technology and telecommunication for industry and consumer electronic, military and aeronautics - and some of which we will present to you in Nuremberg.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth 201 in the hall 1!

Feel free to contact us in advance for an appointment or if you lre interested in a ticket fort he Embedded World 2015 via or by phone: +420-727 965 000.

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18:01 22.08.2017