09:16 06.05.2021
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IPC2U attends the Embedded World Exhibition in 2014 again

The Embedded World Exhibition taking place every year in Nuremberg is also 2014 a meeting place between hundreds of exhibitors and visitors in order to evaluate and to discuss the latest trends on the Embedded Computer and SoC market. The exhibition developed in the last years to the most important meeting place for manufacturers and developers in the embedded market to discuss trends of the next twelve months.

At the same time with the exhibition a very intensive program with conferences, trainings and meetings takes place. A lot of decision makers and newcomers meet together in these events to present new ideas, make a preview and to establish contacts. Beside the exhibitors the Embedded World 2014 primarily attracts the guests, who are strongly involved in development and implementation of new solutions and advanced hardware.

Of course, the IPC2U GmbH is also represented at the exhibition this year to show our customers and visitors our products directly. As already last year we will show a representative choice of computer hardware from different fields. Even then a very high feedback among almost 23,000 visitors of the Embedded World high interest on our booth. We are looking forward to meeting you at the Embedded World 2014!

Visit us at our booth 102 in hall 1.
09:16 06.05.2021